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Silver national award for an innovative project
»Waste Water Treatment System in the Nikola Tesla A Thermoelectric Power Plant, Obrenovac«
Silver national award for an innovative project Waste Water Treatment System in the Nikola Tesla A Thermoelectric Power Plant, Obrenovac


Signing of the Agreement for the Design and Construction of the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Signing of the Agreement for the Design and Construction of the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant in Varaždinske Toplice

August 2019:

On Thursday, 1st of August 2019, CEO of Esotech, d.d. Marko Škoberne as project contractor, with director of Varkom d.d. Željko Bunić, as contracting authority for the project, signed the Agreement for the design and construction of the municipal wastewater treatment plant in Varaždinske Toplice.

The signing of the Agreement was also attended by Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, whose words at the event were: "…that he is pleased, among other things, with the successful use of the available EU funds. Varaždinske Toplice also performed well in tax reforms of financing local and regional self-government, and these are tangible projects." The mayor of Varaždinske Toplice, Ms. Dragica Ratković, said at the signing of the Agreement: "…agglomeration is the most important project in the municipality, which will significantly contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of Varaždinske Toplice."

Esotech, d.d. will, within the scope of construction of a municipal wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 6.500 PE, carry out following activities: complete design, acquiring of permits and licenses, construction of the plant, supply and installation of equipment, commissioning, education and training of the contracting authority’s staff, trial operation, testing, repair of defects within the warranty period. The start of the project is September 2019 and the end of the project is November 2021.

Centre for Health and Sport Mislinja
Centre for Health and Sport Mislinja

March 2019:

On Saturday, March 16th, 2019, the official opening of the Centre for Health and Sport Mislinja took place. The implementation of an environmentally sustainable and technologically advanced Centre, in a size of 2.500 m2, built on the eastern side of the Mislinja Elementary School, began in May 2018.

As a part of the construction of an almost zero-energy building, Esotech, d.d. took over the implementation of: design for the complete electrical and mechanical part and the implementation of mechanical and electrical works including the supply and installation of equipment, complete locksmith works and metal works.

The successful partnership and cooperation of all involved companies on the project has contributed to the achievement of the goals of the project, with the aim of conducting sports education lessons, sports and recreational activities and various school and local municipal events.

Vinska Gora Kindergarten
Vinska Gora Kindergarten

October 2018:

At the beginning of October 2018, a contract was signed for the construction of the Vinska Gora kindergarten with the employer Municipality of Velenje.

The subject of the concession contract is the complete construction of the new kindergarten at the location in Vinska Gora in the Municipality of Velenje, which covers the construction of the new building, along with landscaping and the arrangement of the surrounding area of the building, access roads and parking lots.

A new kindergarten with six departments, three departments for the lower age group and three departments for a higher age group will be built, for a total of 114 children. The facility will be managed and maintained throughout the concession period of 15 years.

The investment will provide adequate facilities for the upbringing and care of preschool children according to the Ordinance on norms and minimum technical conditions for the space and equipment of kindergartens according to Slovenian legislation.

Transformer station TS11 - Rondelice
Transformer station TS11 - Rondelice

August 2018:

Investor Talum wanted to modernize its energy network and provide reliable electricity supply and therefore decided to modernize the transformer station TS11 - Rondelice. Together with our contractual partner C & G, we successfully acquired a project for the Transformation Station TS11 Rondelice 10 / 0,4 kV Transmission Station.

Our contractual obligations consisted of:

  • new 10 kV switchgear ZPUE RELF12 equipped with ABB appropriate equipment and protection relays ABB protection REF615,
  • medium voltage cable connections,
  • control and signal connections,
  • functional tests and start-up,
  • links to the existing Central Control System

The complete equipment was designed to be connected to the existing central control system, which was designed for the needs of controlling the Talum power system. In addition to field work our contractual obligation the project documentation for the MV switching block.

We have designed the project documentation for the MV switching block. Now all functional tests are carried out in the transformer station itself, as well as in connection with the Talum power system. At the end of the month, an inspection by an energy inspector is foreseen. The transformer station TS11 Rondelice will be ready for a technical inspection and trial operation.

Execution works on blocks 6 and 5 in TE Šoštanj
Execution works on blocks 6 and 5 in TE Šoštanj

July 2018:

This year, the first regular works of 600 MW block 6 took place in Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant in the period from 7.5.2018 to 30.6.2018. In addition to the works of Block 6, works on 345 MW block 5 are also taking place and will be completed by the end of July.

The Esotech assembly team is still actively involved in the implementation of the works on blocks 6 and 5. With the preparations for the implementation of this year's repair, we started in February. The purpose was to provide qualified personnel for the execution of works on demanding energy facilities such as a thermal power plant in Šoštanj.

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